Monday, August 20, 2012


When we went into town last night we didn't see anyone home at the house where I am going to glean the fruit trees so we went for a nice short ride.  Took the granddaughter to the eye doctor today and on my way back home I went into town.  Didn't see anyone out so I rode past another house that has several fruit trees.  The man who lives there was out so I stopped and asked if when he was done picking could I come and glean the trees.  He said he does not want any of the peaches this year and he has about 6 trees that I could have all the peaches from.  His pears didn't do very good and his apples are going to be picked by his daughters. He also has some grapes that he doesn't want.  I went ahead and picked some peaches (about a bushel) from a tree that had the branch broke in the storm last week.  I was able to get almost a bushel from one branch.  I can't even guess how many bushels are on all the trees.  Renee and I are going over tomorrow and pick some more peaches and then will go back every few days to get more.  He said he was glad to see someone use them.  He doesn't keep up his property and is always fighting with the village over his rights.  There isn't anyone in the area who doesn't know him, a colorful fellow know for his lifestyle.  I offered him some fresh eggs from my girls but he said he didn't need any.  I am going to take a loaf of zucchini bread up to him from all those I baked last week and froze.
When I got home I got a call from Renee and she had been to one of her neighbors and they had several trees and some grapes that they were just letting the birds eat that we could have.  I went to her house, took he the peaches and we went and picked some pears, apples and grapes.  I brought the grapes home and have them juiced and ready to make grape jelly tomorrow when Renee comes over.  At the end of the week we will use the apples and make applesauce here at my house for us to share.  We split the pears and we will can them when they are ready.
There is another neighbor next to the one we picked the stuff at today that has some beautiful apples, pears, grapes and peaches that wasn't home but the gentleman where we gleaned today said he doesn't pick his stuff either and he was going to ask him for us about picking his trees.
I can't believe I am doing this.  If you knew me personally you would understand.  I am a person who doesn't like crowds, stays at home most of the time, not a people person.  I'm sure that like 3 of my grandchildren I have Asperger's Syndrome and most people know I am OCD.  But hey, we are all different.  :)
Later, take care


  1. Just think if we didn't get nevese up to ask the people if we could pick their trees all that fruit would go to waist. I'm glad I did it, met some real nice people and one guy even helped us!! The only thing I thought was crazy was when one guy said he was cutting the apple trees down because he has a five year old daughter and doesn't want her to go out and picking apples off the tree and eating them, all I could think was really are you nuts. But all I said was that you for letting us pick the apples.

  2. That's awesome mom...

  3. We gleaned a ton of peaches and pears enough to can about 50 pints - and didn't even empty the trees. It was going to waste and so I too asked the owner and he was glad that it wasn't all going to the birds. A boatload of work but it is all free and boy do I love me some free! (I have 8 children, it will all get eaten!)