Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

I love days like this, in the 70's, sun is out and a little breeze.  If I could "can" this day and can 365 days I would.  I was able to hang out a load of wash this morning and was able to take it down a couple hours later.  I put a small piece of beef brisket on the grill this morning, cooked 2 ears of corn in the microwave and had some cucumbers for lunch.  A little piece of heaven on earth, the brisket was delicious.  Just enough left for the grandson when he gets home from  going to Indiana with some friends for several days.
Ron and I are going to take a dozen of brown eggs up to the people in town and see how the fruit is doing.   We took a short ride last night and I was in envy at all the fruit trees we saw.  I wonder how much of it will not be used and left to waste?
Later, take care.

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