Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Is A Must Read

Please take a few minutes and click on the above and read this.  This is something most of us think about and so few of us do, including myself.  I've been trying but have not achieved all I would like to.  A real eye opener.


  1. Thanks, Paula! I'm right there with you. This post was as much a sermonette to myself as anybody!

  2. Dear Paula,

    I just found your blog via your comment on Homestead Revival and have to tell you how much I'm enjoying it! I love your stories (especially your previous post about asking to glean :) and how you transform the bounty God provides to you! Thank you for putting out such inspiration. I'm looking forward to reading you often.


    P.S. I am in agreement about the HR article mentioned above...definitely a must~read as it provides much needed perspective on the subject.

    1. Thanks for the comment. If you saw the post from yesterday you will see that I was able to obtain free crab apples and made crab apple jelly and crab apple butter. There are so many free things out there to use and I love finding and using them. Earlier this year I picked wild raspberries, blackberries and when we were visiting relatives in Texas in July I picked wild grapes, all items were free.