Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tomato Powder and Vegetable Powder

After the tomatoes finished drying today I put them through the food processor and made them into tomato powder.  I will be able to use this in soups, stews and anywhere I want a little extra tomato flavoring.  I then took some dehydrated onions, mushrooms, peppers, carrots and celery and made some vegetable powder,  I will use this in soups,  Both jars of the powder look so nice and they take up so little room.  Hopefully I will make some more of both.  When I look at the things I make I am so proud.
We are going down to the Amish Produce Auction this Friday and to a couple of bulk food stores.  I will be getting several boxes of bacon and will can it.  I hope to get some more potatoes, beets and some tomatoes.  This fall I will start watching the ads for meat, the stuff in the freezer will be running out in a couple months.  I am determined that I will not buy any more meat or make any cheese until what is in the freezer is gone.  When turkeys go on sale in November we will get several and will make ground turkey again.  I prefer ground turkey over ground beef and it is better for you, we will also grid some chicken this year.  When we get the turkeys and chickens I will use the bones to make stock for canning some soups.

Pint jars with vegetable powder and tomato powder.

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