Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amish Saturday

Today we went down to the Amish greenhouse and got myself some more herb plants.  Brandon picked up some hot peppers, watermelon and some herb plants.  Renee had me get her pepper and tomato plants and she also got some herbs.  Then we went to the Bulk Food store and it was donut Saturday.  Got 6 donuts, pecan rolls, some special oils for soap making and some rhubarb jam.  Gina had me get her 2 strawberry-rhubarb jams, Renee had me get her cocoa and some ham.  Next was the Kaufman's dairy, everyone was busy getting things ready for the wedding that will take place on Thursday.  One of the Kaufman girls will marry one of the boys who parents own the store.  They are expecting about 400 people for the noon meal.  Because the Amish don't have church buildings they have the wedding at the house.  It will start in the morning and takes about 3 hours, then they will serve a huge meal at noon and then the family and extended family has a meal at supper.   The couple spends the night at the brides house and Friday everyone gets up early to help clean up and pack up dishes and pans that were borrowed for the meal.   The meal will be served in an out building that they have taken everything out of and they were power washing the floor and walls.  Several small boys were out cutting the grass; everyone has a chore to do no matter the age. I got 6 gallons of milk and came home and made mozzarella cheese.  We didn't use the separator to separate the cream and make butter this time.  I usually do but just did not feel like doing it.  Next time we get milk we will be able to use the ELECTRIC cream separator that Gale is sending me.
After I cleaned up the cheese pans and mess I went out and filled up the 3 water containers for the chickens.  Ron filled their feed up as I was doing the water.  Tomorrow I plan on putting the herbs out that I picked up today.
One of the herbs that Brandon got was some spearmint and he will be making me some mint oil to use when I make soap.  He has a mint plant at home already and will make some oil from it also.  All you have to do is to put some vegetable oil (or any orderless oil) in a jar and add crushed mint leaves to it.  You microwave it just to get it warm and it helps the mint release its oil into the vegetable oil.  He will add mint leaves as his plants get larger and when I am ready to use it all you have to do is strain the oil.  
Later, take care.

Kaufman's Dairy Farm

The Bulk Food Store Parking Area

Young Boys Cutting the Grass

Working in the Field

The Amish School

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