Friday, May 4, 2012

Found Friend

Today I sent out an email to the vendors that I deal with at work explaining that I would be retiring on May 11th.  I added to the email a name that I hadn't heard from in over 4 years just hoping that he was still with the vendor.  OK, I think I feel like someone who is dying and not giving up until he/she sees that special person and when they do they feel at peace and give in.  When you deal with someone regularilary you get to know about their personal life.  Patrick was one of those people that I could talk to forever and I sorta felt like he was one of my kids.  I would give him advice and scold him for staying out late and not getting to work on time.  I know that all the advice was not what he wanted to hear but he listened anyway.  Well he emailed me back and I feel like now everything is all well in this world.  He was always so polite, had answers or knew where to get them, generous to his co workers and his family and always went out of his way for you.  I was fortunate to visit the vendor a couple of times for the day and he made us feel at home and went out of his way to do everything he could to make us feel like there was nothing better to do with his day than to spend it with us.  Thanks Patrick, I wish you the best in life and one day that special person will come along.
Later, take care.

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