Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Herb Garden

Ron and I made a 4' X 10' raised bed herb garden today.  I picked up several herbs when we went to town this morning and had a couple that were in pots that I added.  I now have 5 stevia, 2 lavender, 2 yarrow, 1 spearmint, 1chocolate mint, 1 apple mint, 1 orange (citrus) mint, 1 bee balm, 1 pineapple sage plant and am moving some oregano over to the new bed tomorrow.  In my tube gardens I have several varieties of herbs.  I added some straw between the plants to help keep moisture in the soil.  The mints will be used to make some tea and also will be able to use them in my soaps.
When we went to town I took my Aldi ad and comped it at Walmart.  I got 8 containers of mushrooms (8 oz, 69 cents ea) and have 7 of them in the dehydrator and the other one we had buttered mushrooms with our butterfly chops for supper.  I picked up 6 pks (1 lb) of carrots (49 cents ea) and will dehydrate some of them, save some to eat raw and cook some and put them through the blender for soap.  I  also picked up 4 cucumbers (29 cents ea) and will use 1 for some fresh salad from the garden and 3 will be used to make soap.
It was a busy day and have one more dreaded thing to do, when the chickens get in the coop for the night I will close their little door so they can't get out and then will proceed to dust them down with diatomaceous earth.  I try and do this each month in warm weather to make sure they don't get any mites or whatever.  Brandon (grandson) loves to do this for me and when he is here I gladly let him do it.  It is not weather the rooster will attack me its how bad he will attack me.  Well it is getting about time that the chickens go in the coop so I guess I will get my face mask and safety glasses on and go have some fun, NOT.

Herb garden, day 1

1 of my 3 tube gardens

Winter onions and garlic

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