Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Morning

First I need to stop making plans and just do things when I can.  I did not get the mulberries picked last night but I did make it my morning walk.  I picked over a gallon of mulberries and about 1/2 gallon of leaves.  I have the berries on the stove right now simmering and have used the potato masher to smash them to get all the good juice out.  I also have the leaves simmering and will turn both of them off soon and when they cool I will strain them and freeze them in ice cube trays and use them to color my soap.  When I want to use them all I have to do is take a cube or two out and not have to thaw a whole container of the juice.  I also picked lettuce, lots of lettuce this morning and will cook it and then run it through the blender to use to make soap.  I love these no cost items and they are all natural.

I have a neighbor who lives two doors from us going through a divorce.  The house is owned by his parents so he is living there, young guy around 30.  She planted lots of flowers, trees, bushes and herbs over the 5 years they were together.  She would plant the stuff and then never take care of it.  Out back there is a beautiful flower/herb garden (about 30' x 30') that I just love to look at when it is all in bloom.  The weeds have taken over so this morning when I finished picking my stuff I went over and weeded it.  I sure hope he doesn't mind and will watch for him to come home and tell him what I did.  I'm sure there is well over $500 worth of plants in there and I just hated to see it full of weeds.  If he doesn't mind I will probably keep it weeded this summer.  Now if I could get the weed eater started I would use it to go around the spot.  Now the 2 houses on the left side of us have single men who don't take care of their yards like I wish they would.  My sister-in-law from Texas reminded me this morning that I don't need to take care of it for them even though I wish I had the time and energy to do it.  Both houses have neglected landscape and they wait forever to mow their grass.  I keep mine mowed and everything has to look perfect.  In case you haven't noticed I am a LOT picky.  Oh well could be worse.
Later, take care.


  1. I never knew that you can use lettuce to make soap.

    1. If you Google it you will see that there are many places that sell it. Instead of using water as my liquid next time I make soap I will use the lettuce juice I made. They say it is a refreshing bar of soap and great for using in the kitchen. Can't wait to try it.