Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Last night we went to see Brandon (grandson) graduated from 8th grade, nice night and short ceremony.

This morning I went to see about putting some soap and rag rugs in a shop and when I was there I sold a rug.  I will take my stuff next Thursday.  Renee (daughter) went with me and she is going to take several items that she makes and sell them there also.  Very nice, clean and organized place.  I will have to start on some more rugs and plan on making a couple batches of soap in the morning after my walk and then a couple more on Thursday.  There goes my plan for getting my last room cleaned.  I have sorted through things and have organized some but it could use a little more work.  Oh well it will be there waiting for me when I get the time to do it.

Mowed the grass and trimmed the trees today.  Getting the trees done means I can cross that chore off of my list.  My list is getting shorter but I still have plenty to do.

Brandon and Derek

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