Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Garden and Soap

After the rain we had last week my plants have doubled in size.  My lettuce, spinach and onions are beautiful.  I am picking stuff for a salad after supper so I can have it for my lunch tomorrow.  Salads made with the fresh lettuce always last for over a week so when I pick it I try and make several meals of it at a time.  My potatoes are doing very good and I added straw to the sides of them when I piled soil on the sides of the plants on Sunday.  I also added some mulch to the other raised beds and pots; it holds in the moisture and adds some good nutrients for them.  My husband brought home some wood from work on Monday and am going to put in a raised bed just for herbs to use for cooking and also for making soap.
My soap looks so good; some of the soap I made last month will be ready to take off the drying rack this weekend and put in an open container for storage.  My daughter Renee has found a little shop in a small community not far from our house that sells homemade items but does not carry soap.  We are going to visit it next week to see about adding some of my soap and rag rugs to their shop.  Sure hope that this is something I can do, I really enjoy making the soap. 
Later, take care.

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