Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living Room Clean, Another Thing to Cross off the List

I started my day out with the 1 1/2 mile walk, got an earlier start and there wasn't as much traffic on the road that early.  When I was heading towards home a deer crossed the road about a block in front of me.  I take my little camera with me in case I see something but it was to far away to get a good picture.  Went to see about selling my soap at the little shop but it wasn't open today; called and left a voice mail and am waiting to hear back.
Changed my plan and cleaned the living room today instead of the kitchen.  It looks so nice and everything is so nice and clean.  I forgot that I want to make and freeze some noodles so will do that tomorrow and then clean the kitchen on Thursday.  When I make noodles I get flour everywhere and if I cleaned it first I wouldn't want to make the noodles.  I told my husband and grandson that if they get one thing out of place in the bathroom I would beat them.  I feel the same about the living room; I don't want to sit in there because I don't want to get it dirty.  After the kitchen that is all I am planning for this week.  I will start on the bedrooms and office next week.  Really tired and sore after working so hard the last 2 days but when it is finished everything will be all cleaned and organized.  Things had gotten a little cluttered in spots the last couple of months and I HATE clutter.  I have to have things clean and organized to be happy.

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