Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday May 3rd

I finally got the yard work done today.  About the time I was getting finished it looked like it could rain but so far nothing.  The yard looks so nice after it is done, looks almost like a park.  Several of the trees need their lower branches trimmed.  I have to duck when I am mowing under them and a time or two I didn't get far enough down and it hit my beautiful hat.
Someone at Ron's work sent me 65 quart canning jars (free).  I think I am all set and if I get some more free ones I will share with Renee. Now I need to look into getting a caner but have plenty of time to find one.
Later, take care.

Don't be jealous of my hat.  :)


  1. Your other daughter wouldn't mind a few... Also can i use that hat next friday...

    1. I didn't know you wanted any, I will make sure I give you some too.

  2. Gina, Tonys grandpa is going to give me some, i will share too. i have a hat like that you can have!!!

  3. That hat is wearing you...