Friday, May 25, 2012

Everything is Ready to Take to the Shop

I finished wrapping and pricing everything that I'm going to sell in a local shop.  Wrapping and pricing takes a lot of time and for me it makes a mess.  I had everything spread out on the table and the floor.  I have it all cleaned up except for running the vacuum and sweeping the floor.  I also took all the soap that I made on Wednesday out of the molds and it is now drying/curing.  The colors are oh so nice but they do change as they cure.  You can see that the avocado soap is many different colors even though it was out of the same batch.  The color is affected by how fast it cooled when in was in the mold.  The pictures aren't the best but you can see the different colors.

Top, L-R; avocado, spinach, gift baskets.  Bottom L-R; avocado, carrot and cucumber.

The buckets all have a different soap in them.  Notice that I drilled some holes around the top of the buckets so they could get some air.  The buckets were picked up free from local grocery stores at the bakery.                                          

Pile of rag rugs ready to go.

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