Saturday, May 19, 2012

Laundry Room Painted

Ron and I painted the laundry room today; if I had been doing it myself I would have quit in the middle of it.  Good thing is that the painters union will not let me join.  I usually don't mind painting but there was so much paint brush work instead of roller work.  Monday my plan is to do my bedroom, Ian is doing his own room and that will leave the office/storage room for last.  I'm not sure what day I will do it, there is so much stuff in there because we have very little storage space in the rest of the house.
I also watered the trees and garden today, we need some rain really bad.  Can't afford to loose all the trees and raspberries bushes that we put out last fall and this spring.  Last summer was pretty dry and I sure hope that we don't have a repeat of it. 
Later, take care.

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