Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning Walk Humor

Every morning this week I have taken a 1 1/2 mile walk from our house to the little community up the road.  The road I take is just a little over a mile long and is a short cut for a couple of subdivisions west of town.  I usually start out around 6:30 am and there isn't a whole lot of traffic.  Twice this week someone turned around and came back and asked if I needed a ride.  There are 2 possible reasons for this;  # 1. people are just super friendly around here or # 2. they are not used to seeing a very out of shape white hair lady walking down the road.  If I was a betting person I would bet it is number 2. :)


  1. Wear a safety vest like the road construction workers do.

    1. My husband also thought of that. If I can find one of those that are mesh so it wouldn't be too hot I might wear it.