Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soap and garden update

Came home from work and cut enough lettuce and onions for 5 salads.  Making a salad from the garden is a labor of love.  It takes me so long to clean each leaf, one by one, wash it several times and then put it in the salad spinner.  When I was in the garden I decided to pick the cilantro that went wild and get it in the dehydrator.  I will get it out tomorrow when I get home and get it in the jar.
After supper I cut the remaining soap that I made on Monday.  The soap I made with buttermilk I put in some of the vanilla carrier oil and it smells really nice, the cinnamon one I tried to make it 2 tones of brown and it turned out OK, not wonderful but OK.
I'm saving the spinach that is in the garden to use to make some soap green.  I've been researching how to use different food products to color soap.  I plan on making the spinach coloring and then freeze it until I want to use it for the soap.  I will post more later when I make it and also post some more of the food items that I plan on using to make some soap.
Later, take care.

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