Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On sale this week at Aldi

Avocados 59 cents, Roma tomatoes 59 cents for 16 oz, Sweet corn 4 pk for $1.29, Blackberries 79 cents for 6 oz, Strawberries 99 cents for 16 oz, mangoes 49 cents ea; either go to Aldi or take the add to your local Walmart and they will price match.  I plan on getting some of the strawberries, mangoes and blackberries.  I plan on using the blackberries to make a cobler, yum can't wait.


  1. I got some corn last time it was on sale at aldis and it was real good. I going to go get at least 10 avocados this week and mash them up and freeze them, Derek loves avocados. I will get all the fruits that are on sale this week and freeze some in little bags with yogert for shakes.

  2. Off for the fruit tomorrow.. Can't wait.. Dehydrator is going full speed.. Going to dehydrate the fruit and veggies..