Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Came home today gathered eggs, feed and watered the chickens and noticed that one of the comets was under the nest boxes in the corner.  She was still there when I looked in later.  I decided to roll the yard because we had 2 nice days of rain and the moles have had way too much fun tunneling through the yard.  When I finished I looked in on the chickens and the comet was still there.  I took a long stick and tried to move her and then asked my husband to look in at her and see if she was OK.  He moved her from under the nests and she was dead.  This was my first death with the chickens (have only had them for about 13 months).  There was no sign of blood or any wounds.  I have no idea what was wrong but hope that it wasn't contagious. Ron said she was still warm so she had not been there that long.
Later, take care. 

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