Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amish Saturday, Derek's Birthday Party, New Plants in the Garden

Baked goods and homemade sweets at the Amish Bulk Food Store.  For local readers the address for this is 18383 N Turner Road, Cuba, IL 61427.  Open 8 - 5, closed Sunday and Wednesday, fresh baked goods on Friday and Saturday April 1st to Thanksgiving.  You can also order baked goods all year.  Fresh donuts first Saturday of every month.  Please note that I asked before I took the pictures at the store and dairy, I would not have taken them without their permission.

Section with bulk items, you can get 50 lbs of flour, sugar, oatmeal or you can purchase those items and lots of others that they have bagged up.  They have lots of spices and they are very reasonable.  I get almost all of my spices there and this is where I get most of my items to make soap.  In the first isle (where the gentleman is) they have all sorts of jams, dried food items baking items.  I just love this store and the people are so nice and friendly.

Some of the cows at the dairy farm.

Beautiful cow.

Derek's birthday party.

Derek at his party.
This morning we went down to the Amish store, dairy farm and the nursery.  They were out of lye and 50 lb bags of flour and will have some more in 2 weeks.  I picked up a few items I needed and will go back in 2 weeks to get the flour and lye.  One of the boys from the dairy was at the store when we were there and he rode back to the dairy with us.  We got 10 gallons of milk and we will separate it tomorrow morning and will make some butter and will make some cheddar cheese on Monday.   We then stopped at the nursery and I got 4 egg plants and 4 acorn squash plants.  We got back home and picked up Ian and went to Tony and Renee's for Derek's birthday party that was at noon.  Came back home and Brandon came to spend the night.  Dug up the spot to put out the plants then cleaned out the chicken coop and put fresh straw in the coop.  I put the straw from the coop around the new plants and also around all the other plants and around the pine trees, nice free mulch/fertilizer. 
Later, take care.

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