Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Busy Morning

Today was yard work day for me.  I worked out in the yard for 5 long hot hours this morning.  Cut the grass, used the weed eater on the weeds, pulled weeds in the garden, watered the garden using rain water from the rain barrels.  I hauled it by 5 gallon buckets and water everything that way.  Between the weed eater and hauling the water my right arm is so tired and it hurts.  The weed eater is so heavy and I've got to find the shoulder strap for it before next time.  The part of the yard that I cut last is the piece of land between the road and the ditch.  While I was backing up I got a little to close to the ditch and the lawn mower would not go forward no mater what.  There I was on the mower, in the ditch and when I took my foot off of the brake it would roll back farther.  I was so scared that I would flip it, I sat there for a minute and gathered my wits and proceeded to keep my foot on the brake and tried to get off the mower.  I then used my hand to hold the brake and finished getting off.  It was only 9:30 by then so I just let it sit there.  I did all the weeds and when it was time (11:00) to get the grandson up for school and work I had him come out and we tried to push it out.  When we were doing this the garbage truck came by and they asked if we needed help and how did it get in the ditch.  I said I wanted to know that answer too and said I had no idea how the grandson did it.  Of course they knew it was me and they managed to push it out and told me next time don't get that close as I might not be so lucky and might flip it.  Humble pie isn't that good.  To say I was embarrassed is an understatement.

Yesterday afternoon my son Ronnie stopped by and while he was here he sat up his camera and did some time lapse photography out back of the clouds and the chickens.  He does an excellent job at taking pictures and does this for a living while he is going to school working on his degree in this field.  Please click on this link and watch the chickens and then watch it again and watch the clouds and then if you watch it again you will see me and him.  Or if your are talented you can watch it once and see everything.  :)

While you are there take a look at some of his other pictures on the right hand side of the page they are excellent.

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