Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ron and I Take Our Show on the Road

We went to an auction this morning and when we got there it was just starting to rain so Ron dropped me off at the location so I could get a number and he would park the truck.  I got the number and waited for him to come back, and waited and waited.  Finally I saw he coming down the drive and he was drenched.  He proceeded to tell me that when he was turning around on the country road that he misjudged the distance between the road and the ditch and he went into the ditch front first and the back drivers wheel was off the ground a couple of feet and he thought he was going to roll the truck.  Luckily someone came by and pulled him out. 
Later on in the day between the rain and heat I got a little tired and Ron spied some lawn chairs empty so he went over and sat down and I joined him.  The chairs were really old metal ones and I sat down and the chair buckled.  There I was laying on my back, legs in the air, laying in some flower bushes and maybe 100 people around where I was. (Renee and Noel stop laughing)  A couple of gentlemen saw it happened and started to come over to offer me some help getting up while Ron was sitting next to me laughing.  I held up my hand and said I didn't need any help and to just leave me alone; I proceeded to gracefully get up.  Well there isn't a graceful bone in this old ladies body and I finally got up and wanted to die, embarrassed to death.  Right now my left leg, knee and hip are hurting but I will make it.  
I did get some much needed pint canning jars and a larger water bath caner than I currently have.  I will give Renee the one I had so she can start some canning.  I think she plans on coming over the next time I do some water bath canning and see how easy it is to do.  When I get out the pressure caner out she will come over and learn how to do it also.  She was pretty young when I canned and needs a refresher.
Later, take care.


  1. I read this and chuckled, but later Travis saw it and made a point of showing the whole room.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. No problem, glad I could help make your day a little more lively. Noel sent me an email yesterday and said she was hysterical before she got to the part with her name. I am always good for a laugh.