Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheese and Butter

I used about 5 gallons of milk this morning and made some mozzarella cheese and took some of the cream and made butter.  It doesn't take that long to make the stuff but it takes longer to clean up and wash everything.  I use my two 4 gallon stainless steel pots to make the cheese and then I have the two 4 gallon buckets that we use to get the milk, then the 2 1/2 gallon glass jar for the butter churn and then a zillion other items.  Every thing is washed in bleach water by hand to make sure it is all sanitized.  When using raw milk you can't be too careful and if you knew me I am kind of a clean freak.
My husband is stopping at my daughter's (Renee's) house after work to pick up some fresh veggies she picked this morning from her garden.  She is so nice to share her garden goodies with me.  She is sending me some peas, already shucked, green beans that I think she has already snapped and some zucchini.  I know she's not grating the  zucchini but I will do that and freeze it in packages of 2 cups each so I can use it to make zucchini bread.
Later, take care. 

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