Monday, June 4, 2012

Raspberry Jam and Cheddar Cheese Day

Started my day making 2 batches of Colby cheese.  The recipe for the cheese is on the link below, this stuff is so good.  In between stirring, cutting the curd and waiting I made some raspberry jam with the raspberries we picked yesterday.  I got 4 pints, 13 ea 1/2 pints and 1 pint that is in the fridge.  I also made some more butter and got 11 oz put in the freezer. 
So for lunch Brandon and I had a piece of homemade bread with fresh homemade butter and raspberry jam, OMG life doesn't get much better than that.  When thing got cleaned up I made another mess and used the rest of the berries and made a cobbler which boiled all over the oven and made biscuits and chicken a la king for supper.  Looks like I will be cleaning the oven before I can use it again, not fun.

Everything set up and ready for Brandon and I to put the jam in the jars.

Butter churn churning some cream.

The jam, the back left jar is what Brandon and I sampled for lunch.

The 2 batches of Colby in the presses.  The plastic bags on top have weights in them and I put the weights in the plastic bags to keep any dirt that might be on them off of the press.  These presses are ones my husband made me, the pans that the pvc pipes sit in have holes in the front seam so the whey can drain off.  Nothing fancy but they work perfect.  The only thing we had to purchase was the pvc pipes and found the wood at Menard's in the discount bin.

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