Monday, June 25, 2012

Berries, I Mean a couple Berries and My Day

Renee and Brandon got here at 7 this morning to go pick berries and I was hanging up my first load of wash.  We had a nice visit, nice exercise but less than 50 berries.  I was so disappointed, they are still very red just takes longer to ripen than I thought.  Renee brought me a huge bag of green beans and a couple zucchini so I sat out back and snapped the beans enjoying the beautiful day.  It was nice and breezy out and made it a wonderful first day using my solar dryer.  I washed 2 loads and hung everything out.  When it was dry I took hangers out with me and hung the hanging clothes and folded the others as I took them off of the line.  I put my basket in my farm wagon and that worked just fine.  With the solar dryer I save on gas, electric and get some much needed exercise.  As I took the shirts off of the line I kept smelling them and the wonderful fresh smell was so nice.
I harvested some of my 5 different mint plants last night and put the leaves in the dehydrator.  When they were finished today I put in almost all of my garlic.  It took me over 2 hours to separate, peel, wash and slice the garlic and now is in the dehydrator drying.  I can say for sure we won't be bothered by any vampires tonight.  I like garlic but this is a bit too much; I've dehydrated onions before and they were worse.   Oh well just think of that wonderful garlic powder I will make.  I think I will dry some oregano, basil, thyme and lemon thyme when the garlic is done.
Going to Renee's house for supper tonight, she is serving several fresh salads that she made today.  She has a nice garden and like me eats from her garden a lot.  She is getting a bumper crop of green beans and had a nice crop of peas.  Her zucchini is also doing very good and she has shared several things with us and even used some of her fresh vegetables to barter with.  She needed some programs loaded on her old laptop so she had her brother, my son, come over to do it and gave him some things from the garden.  When she was here this morning I shared some of my peppers with her; her peppers are not ready yet and she swears that mine are on drugs or something the way they are producing.  Last year we hardly had any peppers  and this year I have a lot and they are so early.  The raised bed that they are in had a good amount of straw from the chicken coop and that chicken poop is powerful stuff.  Those girls lay some nice eggs and provide some wonderful free poop fertilizer. 

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