Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guess What I'll be Doing for the Next Couple of Weeks?

After a delicious supper of super nachos that were served with 2 kinds of homemade cheese and fresh picked red onions, tomatoes and 4 kinds of peppers I went for a walk down the field line checking on the blackberries.  The below is all I found tonight but by Monday morning there will be plenty to pick.  I will pick every other day until they are done or we are in Texas.  Jam will be made first and then pie filling.  I saw several trees along the tree line that have been completely been striped of their leaves by the Japanese Beetles.  I saw some evidence that they have been eating the leaves of blackberry plants also.  They need to keep away from the berries until the season is over.

Blackberries from today.

Look at those beautiful berries.

Don't they look good.

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