Sunday, June 17, 2012

Corn on the Cob

A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law Gale who lives in Texas called with a perfect way to cook and clean corn on the cob.  Take a ear of corn that is still in the husk and stick it in the microwave, cook until done.  Microwaves differ, I put 2 ears in for 10 minutes and they were perfect.  Remove from the microwave and cut the stem end on the cob off, make sure you cut at the very bottom of the ear.  Hold the top of the ear with the silks and squeeze the ear of corn out.  You will end up with a steamed ear of corn without any silks on it.  I also noticed that the whole kernel of corn came away from the cob and zero waste.  Thanks Gale for the wonderful tip. 
Corn right out of the microwave.

Cut off the stem end at the very bottom of the cob.

Grasp the silk end and squeeze out he corn.

Corn almost out of the husk.

Not a single silk left on the corn.

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