Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Think I Did It

Well I think I did it, ran the well dry watering the gardens and trees.  I unplugged the pump and will have to wait until Ron comes home from work (3 hours yet) to prime it and hopefully the water table will have risen enough in the well so we can have some water.  I was afraid this would happen with the horrible shortage of rain.  When we don't get rain for so long the water table beneath the ground takes longer to fill up and I hope that is all that has happened.  We had this problem about 6 years ago and we really had to watch our water usage.  I have dishes to wash and about 12 -16 cups of raspberries that I picked this morning that need washed and put in the freezer.  I guess I'll just dust and vacuum and call it a day until Ron gets home from work.

All Ron had to do was plug the pump back in and the water storage tank filled up and the pump shut off.  Got the dishes done and berries all washed and in the freezer, I got 16 cups.

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