Sunday, June 24, 2012

Solar Dryer and Memories

For a couple of years I've wanted a solar dryer and this weekend Ron installed one for me.  First thing tomorrow morning I will use it to hang towels out to dry.  The last time I had a solar dryer was in the 70's.  I won't use if for everything but for sure the towels and bedsheets.  There is nothing so wonderful than the smell of sheets hung out.  I need to get some more clothes pins, Menard's was out yesterday. The seasoned readers will remember clothes pin bags made with a little girl's old dress that had the bottom sewed together and then you would use a wire clothes hanger to hang it on the line.  Clothes pins came in only one kind, then the spring clothes pins came along.  We used the regular ones when I was a child, the spring ones were too expensive and we couldn't afford them.  We would take a clothes pin and use it as a doll, draw a face on the top, add some yarn for hair if you had it and a small piece of material for the dress,  If we could find a pipe cleaner she would have arms but most of the time they were armless.  Then when mom ran out of clothes pins we had to give her our dolls back. 
Children now days would just revolt if they had to do some of the things we did as children.  We used our imaginations and made due with what we had, we didn't have all the electronic games to entertain us.  We made up games, played outside and were able to roam the neighborhood without fear of being abducted.  We played out after dark while our parents sat outside and visited to keep cool, no AC to keep us cool.
Boy has my mind wandered, just the memory of hanging clothes out has sparked wonderful memories.


  1. Been using my solar dryer for weeks now.. We all love the smell of the tee shirts off the line..

    1. I hung out 2 loads today, got to get some more clothes pins, had to wait until the first load was dry to put out the second load.