Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beautiful Wednesday

Went blackberry picking first thing this morning (7:30) and had a nice walk but few berries.  The blackberry bushes are not bushy like raspberries but just a stem here and a stem there.  I might get enough to make a pie if I save up all that I get every time I go; oh well I will keep going every other day.  After berries I raked part of the chicken run and spread the straw on the new garden bed.  I could only get as far as my rake would go because Ralph the rooster is very protective and will try and attack if he can.  I will rake in there again in a week or so after the girls scratch around.  They are so fun to watch; they were scratching around the newly cleaned part and looking for things to eat.  I try and give them some leftovers or vegetable scraps before I collect the eggs so I can distract Ralph, but just in case he isn't distracted I always take the hay fork in with me.  Those feet of his are deadly weapons and I've had many bruises on my legs from him.  I fooled around in the garden after cleaning the run.  I was so enjoying the outside I was looking for anything to do.  I finally came in at 11:30 and took a shower and washed a load of clothes and then hung them out.
Took the garlic out of the dehydrator and will grind it later into garlic powder.  I think I will cut some cooking herbs after supper and dry them over night.  Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 100 and then for the next 10 days it will be in the upper 90's so after the herbs tonight I will not be dehydrating anything.  I don't need to add any extra heat in the house, the AC will have to work extra hard as it is.
I think I will go out back and sit and enjoy the little breeze and 85 degrees.  I hate being in the house, I would rather be outside doing something.
Later, take care.

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