Friday, June 8, 2012

Garlic Harvest

Just finished pulling the garlic that I planted last fall.  I've never grown garlic and I guess it's a good harvest.  I have it tied together and hung under the patio umbrella out back.  I know one thing for sure; won't be any vampires around here.  I now have a small bare spot in the garden and I think I'll put some lettuce in there for the chickens to have. 
Worked on some canning jar baskets today and have the reed cut for about 10 more.  I have a little more reed to cut but had to stop because it was pinching a nerve in my thumb and it was tingling and hurting.  Getting old is so much fun. 
Had baked breaded pork chops, lima beans and some tomatoes from the garden for supper. 
This weekend it is going to get warmer and we have a chance of rain on Monday.  We need the rain so bad, our area is almost 6 inches under the normal rain fall for the year.  We get our water from our well and I am so afraid it will run low or even worse run it dry if we don't get some rain soon. 
Later, take care. 

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