Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amish Shopping Day

Went down to get some much needed items from the Amish Bulk Food Store that we go to.  I was down to just a couple pounds of flour so I picked up 50 lbs of it, needed some ClearJel to get my raspberry pie filling made and they finally got in some lye so I will be making some soap next week.  Picked up some spices and of course we always have to get some homemade candy.  We then went to the dairy and got 6 gallons of milk.  We used the electric cream separator (2nd time) that my sister in law from Texas sent to us and used a different setting but it just isn't separating the cream like the 100+ year old one we have.  I was so hoping that the electric one would do the trick.  The 100+ year old DeLaval that we have is big, heavy, lots of parts that need cleaned every time and my husband has to turn the crank 60 times a minute to make it work, but it does a wonderful job.  When I get the milk out on Monday to make cheese and if there is a lot of cream on it I guess it's back to the DeLaval. 
Some areas around us got some rain but we haven't seen a drop and it doesn't look like we will see any.
Later, take care.


  1. Well, i guess your wrong, its raining!!!!!

  2. Yes it is, we got a some rain about 7:30 for 10 minutes with some hail and then it started again about 8:20 and it is still raining. It was coming down so hard for a few minutes that cars were pulling off of the highway.