Friday, June 22, 2012

Blah Friday

Got up at 3:30 this morning to the well pump running and no water.  The plunger in the toilet tank broke the last time someone flushed the toilet, no way to know it did and it ran for no one knows how long.  Running the well dry twice in the last 10 days not good.  We are just so lucky the pump did not burn up.  Ron went to work and came home at 10 to work on getting the pump primed.  This time it took a lot of work, water all over the utility room, wet rugs and tempers which made for a horrible day.  Toilet is fixed, well is working, but the tempers need more work.

I have my new "Back to Eden" garden started.  I have the landscaping timbers laid out, it will be 8 ft by 32 ft, paper down and the paper covered with about 2 inches of shredded tree limbs and stumps.  Next I will put a layer of straw from the coop/run, grass clippings then more shredded tree limbs and stumps.  I will repeat the layers and need to achieve at least 8 inches when packed down.  I will add some leaves this fall. This will decompose over time and make the area very fertile for a nice garden bed.  As long as you keep adding to the area as it decomposes you should never have to do anything else.  You never have to till your garden, weed or water it.  The area should be ready for planting next spring.  Work up front should make growing easier, time will tell.
The garden beds that I have now all have straw from the coop/run and you can tell the difference that the natural fertilizer makes.  One of the 2 new raised beds did not get the straw added to it and the onions growing there are about 1/4 the size of the ones that are growing in the bed that has had straw added for the last 2 years.  My raised beds have to have very little weeding done to them and the only 2 things I have added to them is grass clippings and the straw.  If the new bed with the added shredded tree stumps does good I will add that to the raised beds.  Anything free and organic is what I like.

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