Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gleaning Hay

Went out back to the hay field they cut and baled this week to retrieve some hay that they left.  Loaded up my wagon with the hay and brought it back home and spread it all around my berry bushes and around my potatoes.  Then went over to my adoptive flower/herb garden and there had been 3 bales of hay there since last summer and spread them around the back of the garden.  This will keep the weeds down and save me some work the next time I go over to take care of it.  I talked to David about me taking care of it and of course he has no problem with me doing it.  I feel that this is my payment for getting to look at it and it never hurts to help out your neighbors.


  1. Hay or Straw?
    Straw is fine, Hay will get you a LOT of weeds.

  2. Hay, I hope it won't be too many weeds. Around the potatoes I also have a lot of straw.