Monday, June 18, 2012

Tomorrow Is Canning Raspberry Pie Filling Day

Jars washed; check
Supplies out; check
Dry ingredients measured; check
Berries out of the freezer; check
Recipe adjusted for the amount of berries; check

All that is left is actually making it.  I have everything out to make about 18 quarts of raspberry pie filling in the morning.  I took a walk along the field line this afternoon to check out the blackberries and a lot are turning red already so I thought I better make some freezer room for them until I have enough to make pie filling out of them also.  I plan on making some blackberry jam too.  I guess with the 2 inches of rain we got Saturday night and the heat is speeding the ripening process up.  At the rate they are going I might be picking them by weeks end.  Some of the plants are just getting berries so the picking of the blackberries might last about 3 weeks.  That is good news; I will be able to get them picked and canned before we go to Texas the middle of July.


  1. I am looking for a way to can Raspberry pie filling. Are you willing to share your recipe?


      The above is where I found the recipe I used, good luck and it is delicious.