Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Identify this Plant Please

Here are a couple of pictures of a bush and the berries that are on it.  I ate a couple yesterday and 1 today.  They are sweet with soft seeds.  I was hoping you would answer this Mr SLB, you were the person who I thought of yesterday when I told Renee that we needed a guide with us to identify other plants that we could pick.

Bush with berries.

This is a close up of the berries I brought home today.

I'm sure there are so many plants out there that are good for something.  I tried looking up some things yesterday but with no luck. 


  1. First I thought it was the Josta ribes. I don't know the name in English but if you look at google for josta bes (ribes) you see pictures. Its a crossing between the blackcurrant and the goose berry. its very sweet of taste.

  2. Leaves sure look like wild grapes.
    Summer Grape or Silverleaf.
    Silverleaf is white on the back of the leaf.
    Summer would be light green and "hairy."


  3. I looked up gooseberry and I'm almost sure that is what it is. I have never ate one before and you are correct they are very tasty and sweet. My grandson Brandon has asked about gooseberries and making a pie for him and if I can find enough I just might do that. I would also like to try some gooseberry jam.
    Retirement has given me something I have not had in years and that is time to do whatever I want and I am so enjoying it. I guess I'm not too old to learn new things, kind of exciting. Thanks Carin

  4. one big seed or several small ones?
    one would be grape
    several small would be gooseberry

  5. Several small ones. Didn't go out picking today, I have enough poison ivy for a while. :) Thought I would try the woods out back in the morning, I've never seen raspberries but who knows what might be out there beside the deer and coyotes?