Sunday, June 10, 2012

Berry Picking, Change of Scenery

Ron and I got up at 6:30 this morning to beat the heat and go and pick raspberries.  We picked for 2 1/2 hours and have 3 bags with 4 cups in them (pie size) and 1 bag with 3 cups.  There is about another week of raspberries and then they are done for the year.  Want to try and go at least once more and will dehydrate them to use on oatmeal or whatever.  We also relocated some of the bushes to give them a change of scenery to the back of our property.  We now have 9 starts of raspberries and 7 blackberries.  Digging their new home was horrible.  The ground back there has been packed down really good by the farmers tractor and by us when we were loading and loading things.  We got out the ax and used it do dig the holes, it was that hard.  I added some good chicken mulch and watered them in.  I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping they make it.
I also put in some late onion sets and lettuce where I pulled the garlic.  I just hate to see any bare spots not doing their job.  I pulled the rest of the spinach and feed it to the chickens, it was getting a little bitter because it has been warm out.
Tomorrow I have to bake bread; usually do it on Sunday but was just too darn tired doing everything outside.  I also have 2 gallons of milk that needs made into mozzarella cheese that I will do in the morning after I get the bread started.  I need to make some lasagna and freeze it for easy meals but just have a little flour left until we go down to the Amish store this week.  Sure hope she got her shipment in so I can get 50 lbs and also I can't make any soap until she gets more lye in.
I sat down for a couple of hours this afternoon and tied together strips of rags for some rugs.  I have lots of rags all cut up and ready to tie together.  Crocheting the rugs is the easy part, cutting, tying and winding up the rags into giant balls of material is the hard part.
Later, take care.  

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